4-Line to 16-Line Decoders/Demultiplexers

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74HC154 decodes binary encoded (BCD) data and transfers it to the output. Convert 4 lines of data to 16 lines and works as demultiplexer. 74HC154 works with 5V and you can get maximum 16mA current from each channel.

It has 24 pins as shown in the connection diagram. A-B-C-D is used for data input in BCD format, while G1 and G2 are stobe inputs.
G1 and G2 inputs must be Logic 0 for 0-15 output ports to be active as it appears in the function table.

As seen in the test circuit below, the 10th output (Pin 11) is activated as logic 0 according to the data applied to the A-B-C-D inputs. The other output pins are logic 1. You should be careful when designing the driver circuit connected to the output port of the 74HC154 ic.
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