7447 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder / Driver

0 555

The 7447 ic is used to drive common anode 7 segment displays. You can directly
connect the 7 segment displays to 7447, which has open collector outputs.

LOW Level Output Current (“a” through “g”) 40 mA (max)

When data in BCD format sent from the A-B-C-D input ports of the 7447 ic, is sent to the 7-segment display through the a-b-c-d-e-f-g output ports.

In the picture below, you can examine the circuit diagram created with 7490 IC.  It can work by connecting directly to 74LS47.

7447 and 7490 work with 5V


  • When clock pulse is applied to 7490 (Pin 14), it starts counting upwards. The count between 0-9 (decimal) is applied to the A-B-C-D inputs of the 74LS47


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