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In this project, I aimed to create a decorative lantern by combining the old and the new with LEDs. I used 3mm MDF, a glass bottle, led fairy lights, rope, rubber, fast adhesive, transparent silicone, and spray paint. I also used isopropyl alcohol for cleaning purposes.

Firstly, I carefully drilled a hole in the bottom of the glass with a drill and glass drill bit. Then I cleaned the glass bottle with water and dish soap.

Before starting the lantern assembly, I used a laser cutting machine to cut the 3mm MDF and prepared the pieces. I painted the bottle cap with spray paint and prepared the LED that I would place inside the bottle.

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I created the LED fairy light by mixing two different colors. By combining red, green, blue, pink, purple, warm white, and white, I obtained 8 different variations of the product.

You can download DXF file free

Download link: https://disk.yandex.com.tr/d/ra324t_5Ha49RQ

Rar pass: https://ledcircuits.net/

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