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In this project, I will show you how to create a Windows XP – Windows Vista-style loading animation circuit.


List of Materials

  • 1 Piece NE555 Timer
  • 1 Piece 74HC4017 Counter
  • 2 Pieces 74HC164 Shift Registers
  • 1 Piece 74HC4075 Logic Gate
  • 2 Pieces 12K Resistors
  • 3 Pieces 1K Resistors
  • 1 Piece 4K7 Resistor
  • 1 Piece 470R Resistor
  • 1 Piece 50K Potentiometer
  • 14 Pieces 5mm LED
  • 1 Piece 10uF 16V Capacitor
  • 1 Piece 10nF Capacitor
  • 1 Piece 5x10cm PCB Board

Preparation for the Circuit

Windows XP was an interesting operating system. I switched from Windows 98. Icon designs and graphics were very different from that period and I could not get used to it for a long time.

The circuit consists of 3 parts. These are clock circuits, Led driver and shift register circuit and data controller circuit. I built the clock circuit with NE555 and data controller circuit with 74HC4017 and 74HC4075. I used 2 pieces 74HC164 shift registers for shifting operation.

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We produce the clock pulses with the NE555. As seen in the circuit diagram, I connected a total of 14 LEDs to the output ports of the 74HC164 shift registers.
I set the B inputs of the U1-74HC164 and U2-74HC164 to high. Thus, the data transfer will be done only from the A input.

The 74HC4017 counter and the 74HC4075 logic gate determine which data will be sent.
When we run the circuit, the NE555 starts generating clock pulses and the 74HC4017 counts.
The outputs of Q1-Q2-Q3 becomes high, respectively, the output of the 74HC4075 becomes high. When Q4 output becomes logic 1, the enable input of the 74HC4017 is triggered and goes into standby mode.


The data from U1 is transferred to U2 and the count is reset by sending the information generated at the last output pin to the reset input of 74HC4017.
Notice that the 74HC4017’s reset input was reset when it was high level, and then when it went to the low level, it started counting again and continued the cycle.

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