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The 74LS93 decade and binary counter IC contains two independent counters, similar to the 74LS90 IC. It can count from 0 to 15 according to the formula 2 n -1 with 4 master slaves JK flip-flops.

 2 n -1  –> 2 4 -1 =15 maximum counting range

InputB (Pin 1) and QA output (Pin 12) are connected as shown in the wiring diagram below.

When the clock pulse is applied from the Input A (Pin 14), the QA-QD outputs count upwards in BCD format.


74LS93 has 14 legs and manufactured in TTL structure. It can works with 5V and operate at a maximum frequency of 42 Mhz.

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You can make 7 segment display circuits using BCD decoder IC, or you can make different applications using demultiplexer ICs.74ls93





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